About us

Staay Food Group is the international supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables with its own cultivation facilities. 

For each market segment, we offer a competitive range of products that originate from all major production areas in the world. Founded in 1946 Staay Food Group positions itself closer to the cultivation through its own cultivation activities as well as through participations and close collaborations with growers.

Within our wide range of products we are specialized in Pineapples and Melons, Stone fruitTop fruit and Leafy vegetables. Also citrus, flat beans, tomato and cucumber form an important part of our expertise. We serve customers from retail, food service, processing industry and wholesale.

Our vision
A healthier lifestyle with the optimal availability of healthy, fresh and safe food. Therefore, we offer the best possible range of fresh produce at the minimum added costs. We are also investing in cultivation, sustainability and innovation.

That's how we are committed to building ‘The Future of Fresh'.

Our mission
To supply the best and freshest produce available with the optimum shelf life, while adding the least possible time and costs.

We are able to do so because we have the entire chain in our own hands. This enables us to unburden growers with guaranteed sales and our customers with a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables with which they can distinguish themselves.

Market Regulator 
Next to our role as a supplier, we also fulfil a role as  regulator between growers and buyers. That is to say: together we can supplement shortfalls in the market effectively and eliminate surpluses after abundant harvests or disappointing shop sales.

Feel free to contact us and join The Future of Fresh.