Dazzling Gold


Dazzling Gold is a relatively large golden brown pear with firm and bright white flesh and a full sweet flavour. In the UK, some consumers do compare the flavour to the ‘pear drop’ sweets that are so popular there. The Dazzling Gold is delicious not only as a hand pear but also highly suitable as a stewing pear thanks to its firm flesh.

Dazzling Gold is the trade name for the pear variety UTA, created in Germany in 2010 from a cross between the older pear varieties ‘Madame Verté’ and ‘Boscs Flaschen’. It has been an exclusive club variety of Staay Food Group since 2014.

Other Staay club varieties are the Red Conference and Early Desire.


Variety: UTA | Trade name: Dazzling Gold | Origin: Germany (as a cross between Madame Verte and Bosc Flaschen pears) | Productivity: +/-60 tonnes per hectare | Harvest: October | Consumption: November to mid-May | Flavour: Very aromatic characteristic | Size: mainly 70 mm and larger, head size 75/85 mm | Appearance: Rustic, golden appearance | Sales organisation: Staay Food Group


Nutritional values (per 100g not prepared): Kcal 54 | Fat 0.3g | Carbohydrates 11.0g | Protein 0.5g| Vitamins C 0.5g | Fibres 2.8g | KJ 229

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Origin Origin

  • The Netherlands

Availability Availabilty

  • November to May


  • Yes

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