Staay Food Group’s new website recently went live.
With direct phone numbers, email addresses and WhatsApp, it’s now even easier to find the perfect buyer or seller right away.
The website puts Staay’s time-honoured slogan ‘The world is our garden’ at the heart of things more than ever before.
A timeline spanning from 1946 to the present day tells the whole story of the family business and substantiates the slogan’s origins.
Numerous images have also been used from our own growing locations and from Staay growers around the world, and the website is now available in even more languages.

“After eight years, it was high time to replace the existing website,” says marketing manager Mark Loojenga.
“Our target groups of Retail, Wholesale, Foodservice and Industry each have their own wants and needs.
We have now arranged the website so that each customer group can immediately see the information that is relevant to them.
Moreover, our product specialisms such as topfruit, melon, pineapple, stone fruit and leafy vegetables now have a more prominent presence as well as a list of contacts.
Within the topfruit/pear section, individual pages have also been created for the Staay club varieties Early Desire, Red Conference and Dazzling Gold.”

Finally, more space has additionally been set aside for quality and staff recruitment.
Quality certificates can now be downloaded instantly and a “Working at” page gives job applicants a better impression of the dynamic playing field they can expect at Staay.

The website was created with the cooperation of advertising agency 2Met and Barendrecht-based internet agency Brancom.


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